A new born baby is named after Airline

Jetstar : A new born baby is named after Airline

29 April 2016 – Nowadays we can hear about mothers giving birth to their babies on most unusual times like travelling on a bus or a train. But giving birth to a baby inside a flying airplane thousands of feet above ground and speed of Mach is somehow really an inconvenient time.

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Photo Credit: traveller.com.au

The same kind of case occurred on a Jetstar Asia flight last Friday. A baby decided to enter this exterior world for the first time while the airplane was speeding along 40,000 feet above the ground. The mother of this baby went to labor in the midflight of the airplane that took off from Singapore for Yangon, Myanmar.

The delivery was not unexpected and was luckily helped by a family of doctors who were on board the airplane. The crew was there for additional helps and further medical assistance was also arranged by the crew. The delivery was sound and safe will a healthy 2.9 Kg baby born in the fid flight. And this all happened very quickly.

The passengers applauded when the baby got safely born. He was baby boy and all healthy born with the assistance of doctors and continuous help of crew.

The most amazing thing among all is that the mother of the baby decided to give the name of her baby ‘Saw Jet Star’ after the airline she was flying while she delivered her baby. She is very pleased with the care the flight crew provided to her during her difficult time. Therefore she wanted to provide the name of her baby after the name of the airline

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