John Travolta’s plane portfolio-From Gulfstream jets to Boeing 727

The American celebrity John Travolta is not only a top-notch actor but also an incredible pilot. Beyond his acting skills, he has also mastered flying various aircraft types. Travolta has obtained certifications to fly 11 different jets inspired by his passion for flying. The actor holds the licenses to operate three Boeing planes, i.e., B707, B747, and B737. The most interesting fact about this movie star is that he owns a remarkable private fleet. Travolta’s plane portfolio reportedly includes at least seven jets. Let’s dig into details about John Travolta’s planes.

Travolta’s impressive aircraft collection

The celebrity pilot John Travolta has an impressive collection of aircraft to hit the skies. There are at least seven aircraft in his plane portfolio, including

 a Bombardier Challenger 601,

a Boeing 727,

a Dassault Falcon 900, and

3 Gulfstream jets

Bombardier Challenger 601

Bombardier Challenger 601 is a notable plane of Travolta’s collection which he acquired in 2011. Registered N392JT, the aircraft was built in 1988 by the Canadian manufacturer Canadair. This particular John Travolta plane has two GE CF34-3A engines and a Learjet design. Originally made to accommodate 22 people, the Challenger 601-3A (CL-600-2B16) aircraft offers cabin space for passenger comfort and convenience on long-haul travel. Travolta’s Challenger 601 stands above the rest in his admirable collection due to its attractive inner workings. Using low-wing Canadair jet technology, it features minimal noise, low vibration, and the ability to take passengers over 3500 nm. The long-range Challenger 601 is worth 2.2 million dollars.

A Boeing 727

Another jewel of John Travolta’s plane collection is an iconic Boeing 727 jet. The narrowbody trijet owned by the movie star is valued at around $24 million. Powered by P&W T8D low-bypass turbofans, the airliner can fly passengers over 2,250 nautical miles (4,170 km).

Eclipse 500

Another aircraft the AvGeek John Travolta has added to his collection of planes is a 15-year-old Eclipse 500. Registered N218JT, this very light jet was manufactured by Eclipse Aviation in 2007. The aircraft is powered by 2 P&W Canada PW610F and can carry six people onboard over 1,125nmi. The maximum speed of this light jet is 370 kn (430mph). This fixed-wing multi-engine plane features glass cockpit technology, an all-metal airframe, and an integrated avionics package.

Buying the 6-seater EA500 model will set you back $1.4 million.

Dassault Falcon 900

Dassault Falcon 900 is another John Travolta plane valued at around $8 million. The Falcon Jet F900 is a French-built corporate trijet equipped with a large cabin to provide a comfortable home in the sky. It is an aircraft of choice when it comes to long-distance trips luxuriously.

Fitted with three AlliedSignal TFE731 turbofans, the French business jet can fly at the maximum speed of Mach 0.84. The blockbuster actor can take this versatile aircraft for overseas flights as far as 7400 km.

3 Gulfstream jets

The Golden Globe winner Travolta has amassed an admirable collection of three Gulfstream jets. They are US-made twin-engine business jets known for their high speed, long-range capability, and superb reliability. The collection of 3 Gulfstream jets shows Travolta’s zeal for flying these iconic birds. However, in 1992, the actor had one close call mid-air at 12000 feet above Washington when his Gulfstream N28T nearly collided with USAir Boeing 727.

On November 1992, Travolta was flying his Gulfstream II at night into Washington when the aircraft suffered a total electric failure. He was piloting the jet above some heavy cloud cover when the aircraft underwent electric system failure at 12,000 ft. During the emergency landing, the jet went on a collision course with a nearby Boeing 727, but Travolta managed to avoid it.

The star almost had a mid-air collision, which was his near-death experience.

Previous John Travolta plane: Boeing 707

Flying is a big deal for John Travolta, and his passion extends beyond his ability to pilot a plane. Travolta took the first steps in aviation by taking flying lessons at the age of 15. Following his passion for flying, the actor received his first pilot license at 22. Furthermore, he took his love of flying to a whole new level by acquiring several aircraft. The A-list celebrity has repeatedly expressed his aviation interest by investing money in aircraft ownership.

Besides the current seven jets, a handful of other jet types once formed the core of Travolta’s plane collection.

At some point, the actor owned an ex-Qantas Boeing 707-138B dubbed ‘Jett Clipper Ella’ in honor of his children. Flaunting the Qantas livery, Travolta’s refurbished Boeing 707 could accommodate 15 guests and had two bedrooms and a full-size bathroom. The former Australian flag carrier jet could carry 150 people on a commercial flight before it was revamped to the star’s liking. 

Looking at the quad jet’s history, the Boeing 707 joined the Qantas fleet in 1964 and spent four years at the airline. Initially registered as VH-EBM, the aircraft accumulated 12,000 flying hours at the Qantas service. After Qantas Airways took 707 off the hands in 1968, it had several owners, including Braniff and TAG Aviation. John Travolta bought the ex-Qantas quad jet in 1998 and renamed it ‘Jet Clipper Johnny LLC .’Initially, based on a rental agreement, Qantas eventually handed him the jet as part of his brand ambassador role. Valued at $77 million- including a $57 million base price and a $20 million renovation cost- the jet cost around $50 million for John Travolta. As a Qantas brand ambassador, he probably got a discount for this customized Boeing Business Jet.

In 2017, the actor donated his 57-year-old narrowbody 707 to an Australian-based aircraft restoration group. The aircraft went down to the aviation museum belonging to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) as a part of preservation efforts.

Travolta’s narrowbody Boeing 707 is powered by P&W JT4A turbojets and touts a reported fuel range of 6,000 miles.

Other previous John Travolta planes

Other previous jets reported to have been owned by John Travolta include a Canadair CL41 Tutor and a Lockheed JetStar. The aviator actor gave the dedicated Lockheed JetStar business jet for sale and donated the standard jet trainer CL41 Tutor to a university.

John Travolta’s pilot licenses

John Travolta is an avid flyer with 11 different jet-type ratings, from light business planes to military jets. He is rated to three different Boeing commercial plane types, i.e., 747 jumbo jet, 707 quad jet, and 737 twin jet. N March 2022, the multi-millionaire actor added a Boeing 737-type rating to his 707 and 747 licenses.

Travolta’s website says he is certified to pilot 11 jets. They include Bombardier Challenger 601, Hawker, Dassault falcon, Canadair CL-41 Tutor, de Havilland Vampire, Citation jets, Boeing 707/737/747, Lear, etc. Among them, Canadair CL-41 Tutor is a military jet that formed the core of the Canadian Forces’ primary jet trainer for nearly four decades.

John Travolta plane house

The 68-year-old celebrity pilot has a plane house to keep his personal jet collection. His private stable has its own private runway and hangar that allows him to park his jets outside his front door. The actor has a taxiway right door to his door and a 1.4-mile landing strip built into the back garden.

Is John Travolta adding a Boeing VIP luxury jet to his personal plane collection?

John Travolta gave an exclusive tour of the latest BBJ 737, YG128, at the National Business Association (NBAA) on October 2022. Mesmerized by the stunning interiors and luxury of BBJ, the actor claimed that YG128 was his favorite. He acknowledged the sophisticated designs and amenities of the aircraft and said it was better than the first class.

Based on the Boeing 737 -700 Next Generation Model, this classy BBJ can comfortably fly 19 passengers for 13 hours nonstop. The aircraft is powered by CFM56-7B27 engines and can cruise more than 6,000 nautical miles.

The YG128 customers can enjoy more cabin space than traditional business jets and feel the luxury of flying. The business jet brags wealth and features a master bedroom, a communal living area, a well-furbished bathroom, and a walk-in shower. The communal living area is in the main compartment and features a dining area, leather reclining seats, a big TV area, and a separate guest room.

The US aerospace giant Boeing is set to avail YG128 for lease in early 2024. By the positive impression YG128 has made on Travolta, the passionate aviator might seek to add BBJ to his private plane collection soon.

About John Travolta

John Travolta is an American actor, singer, and private pilot born on February 18, 1954. Apart from his acting career, he pursues a deep interest in flying. Beginning flying lessons at age 15, Travolta has honed piloting skills in various aircraft. The multi-millionaire has spent his time in the flight deck as long as he is on the silver screen.

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