Jomsom Airport remains out of operation following adverse weather

Jomsom Airport has remained out of operation since past four days due to the prevailing adverse weather conditions.

Air passengers have not been able to reach their destinations due to prevailing bad weather as they have been forced to take other alternatives after Jomsom Airport has been out of service.
According to the source, the numbers of Indian tourists are highly affected after the flights have been cancelled.

According to the airport officials, the bad weather has been constant and it is unable to predict the improvement of weather for resuming airport operation.

At present, Tara Air has been conducting four-five flights at Jomsom Airport on a daily basis. Tara Airlines has been flying a regular flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. The Airline has been providing air service in the remote and mountainous region of the country; and has been truly a friend of the general people living in the hilly areas of the country where road access is difficult. In the past, Simrik Air, Summit Air and Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) used to conduct flights.

Jomsom Airport is a STOL airport located on the bank of the Kali Gandaki River serving Jomsom, a town in the Mustang District of Province No. 4 in Nepal, and the Mustang District. It serves as the gateway to the Mustang District that includes Jomsom, Kagbeni, Tangbe, and Lo Manthang, and to Muktinath temple, which is a popular pilgrimage for Nepalis and Indians. The airport is capable of handling aircraft from the Nepalese Army Air Service.

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