Jufal Airport faces problem due to lack of X-Ray machine

The only airport in mountainous district Dolpa, Jufal Airprot is facing difficulty in operation as the airport lacks X-ray machine.

Police authority criticized about the lack of X-Ray machine as they have to check the passenger baggage and luggage manually by just hand roll-out, although X-ray checks are vital and sensitive in case of security.

Jufal airport is the main gateway in and out of the district along with supply of goods and air transport of the people of Dolpa. Using bare hands to check the luggage increases possibility of transport of illegal goods.

Local police authority along with airport officials have urged to introduce X-Ray machine as soon as possible so as to increase the flight safety.

Dolpa has been emerging as a tourism destination and the district is the home of medicinal herbs and plats along with some rare species. Without the use of X-Ray check, it is almost impossible for officials to check on them creating problems in their safety also.

Jufal Airport is the only airport in Dolpa district that has been providing flight operations since 42 years and came into operation lately after several closure.

At present Nepal Airlines conducts a scheduled flight each week with the Twin Otter aircraft to Juphal. Similarly, Tara Air, Summit Air and Makalu Air are conducting charter and cargo flight on a regular basis.

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