Jumla Airport resumes flight services after 20 days

Jumla Airport which was closed on April 18, 2019 (Baisakh 5) for renovation project has resumed its flight operation from yesterday (May 8 ).

On the first day of resuming flight operation, Summit Air operated flights to Nepalgunj-Jumla-Nepalgunj.

Kailash Sharma, cheif of Jumla Airport stated that the flights will be more reliable and secure now since the airport has resumed operations with renovation.

According to him, 675 meters runway has been blacktopped whereas the rest of the parking bays are getting prepared to be blacktopped along with the flight operations to be carried out.

The frequent ruptures and growth of grasses in the runway created difficulty for take-off and landing.

In the request of the Airport Security Committee, the airport had undergone renovation previously on 8th Kartik, 2075. Unfortunately, due to excessive cold, the blacktopping project could not be completed and the renovating project was resumed on April 18.

In the first phase, nearly 390 meters runway was blacktopped.

During the time of airport closure, patients and local residents had to face a lot of difficulties.

However, the runway of airport which was getting worse has become reliable and secured, said Chief Sharma, adding that the airport was closed for necessary runway renovation and airport enhancement project focusing on passengers’ safety.

“There will be regular flight from now on” added Sharma.

Airport Security Committee issued a notice to public about halting flight operation for 20 days after sending request letter to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) for renovation of the airport.

About NRs 40 Million has been invested for the renovation and enhancement project of Jumla Airport.

The maintenance and enhancement of the STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) airport hadn’t been able to initiate since 2040 BS.

The airlines operating flights to Jumla Airport are Tara Air, Sita Air, Summit Air and Nepal Airlines Corporation.

Last year, after the closure of the airport, the airport was set to come into operation by the end of November. However, the project took longer than expected and locals had expressed anger towards delay in completion of the project.

The runway length is 670 meter which accommodates Twin Otter and Dornier aircraft. But if the runway length could have been more, it would be more convenient and safer, informed pilots as well as Mayor of ChandanNath Municipality previously.

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