Jumla airport still lagging behind operation

Jumla airport which has been closed for more than a month now has still not come into operation. The operations of Jumla airport was halted for a month for the maintenance however the work has still not been completed.

Locals have shown anger towards delay in the work and the contractor company has asked for time extension stated an airport official. He also stated that they are waiting for decision of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal for the approvals.

The airport was opened for 2 weeks during this one month period for the arrival of Tourism Minister and the work was speeded up afterwards.

The work of runway upgrading was started due to frequent problem seen on runway and the work was started in this time as it was the best favorable time.

The airport officials stated that it was unpleasant decision for the passengers as they were compelled to pause the service only in order to complete upgrading and maintenance during the festival season.

The locals have requested to complete the work as soon as possible as they have been facing problem due to closure of the airport and were agitated due to delay in work. People have been taking roadways of Karnali to travel to Surkhet and Nepalagunj to travel to and from Kathmandu.

The Jumla airport has runway length of 670 meter which accommodates Twin Otter and Dornier aircraft. But if the runway length could be extended, it would be more convenient and safer, inform pilots.

Prior to airport closure Tara Air used to conduct one weekly flight to Jumla Airport from Nepalgunj every Wednesday and Nepal Airlines Corporation used to operate weekly flight on Monday from Nepalgunj. Besides, Sita Air and Summit Air operate charter flights occasionally.

The closest airports to Jumla are Juphal Airport at Dolpa, Bajura Airport at Bajura and Rukumkot Chaurjahari Airport at Rukumkot.

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