Jumla Airport’s runway extension proposed for safe flight operation

The initiative for runway expansion has been started in Jumla Airport, stating difficulty on landing and take-off. The airport considered as one of the most facilitated airport in Karnali region features short runway so, the authorities have started plans to upgrade the infrastructure for safe flight operation.

Kantika Sejuwal, Mayor of Chandannath Municipality stated they have talked with the concerned authority for the extension of the runway length and enhancement of the airport. According to her, meeting among the representatives from Jumla; Ministry, public representatives and division is going on.

She further affirmed that she would create an environment for operating medium size aircraft within five years by extending the runway length. We have urged with airport in charge, kailash Sharma to prepare template collaborating with the pilots of Nepalgunj-Surkhet flying aircraft, Sejuwal added.

Currently, the runway length is 670 meter which accomodates Twin Otter and Dornier aircraft. But if the runway length could have been more, it would be more convenient and safer, informs pilots. Sejuwal said because of short runway, there arose risk while doing short turn and if it would have been little longer it would be much easier for aircraft to land and take-off.

We have already initiated on runway elongation with Tourism Ministry and Civil Aviation Authority and now we are on the process for dispatching official letter, she affirmed. There should be minimum runway length of 1250 meter for landing 32 seated aircraft.

Jumla airport stated aircraft can crash because of adverse weather condition too. And to be safe from all sorts of incidents, there should be wide and long runway.

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