Jumla district to have 60 number of helipads

The helipad construction process has been started in every area of the ward at Jumla district.

Devendra Prasad Shrestha, Assistant Chief District Officer stated that Local level is being coordinated for helipad construction. He said that among the construction of helipads at 60 wards, 7 VDCs and 1 municiplaity site has been initiated.

Assistant Chief District Officer Shrestha informed that the selection for constructing helipad site are carried out as per the agreement between Local level officer of police station established in the village and local residents.

The concept of Helipad has been introduced in every wards to make the rescue easier in any case of emergency, urgency or any possible disaster and possible spread of epidemic.

Location selection is carried out in the aim of making easy for helicopter to approach and land and to bring patients smoothly at helipad.

In rural areas including Karnali districts, pregnant women should be rescued by airlifting as other methods of transportation are rare and very risky in monsoon season.

Helipad site selection is going on and the symbolic signs markings at selected area is going on the sites initiated.

Kali Bahadur Raut, ward president of Tila VDC stated that the helipad built by ward will play a great role in emergencies and villagers can have easy asses to services easily.

He said that helipad construction work has been started in favor of the villagers in each VDC.

Few VDC have roadway infrastructures. The administration is preparing report of the helipad construct ion letter to be sent to Home Ministry for speeding the construction.


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