Kailash Helicopter Services nearing its commercial operation with H125


Kailash Helicopter Services, a new operator in Nepal will soon launch commercial operation of its first Airbus chopper in Nepal.

According to Shree Hari Kuikal, Chief of Operations of the company, the company presently is working on the documentations and the obligatory process of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) for commercial operation and aims to accomplish within a week or ten days. It can be expected that the company is now in final preparations to initialize its service.

The six-seater AS 350 (H125) B3E ‘9N-AML’ chopper after accomplishing all the required process will conduct the Demonstration flight under the supervision of CAAN’s officials. The commercial flight will be commenced in a day or two after completion of the Demonstration Flight, stated Kuikal.

The company which had received No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the CAAN on December 6 last year has introduced first Airbus single-engine H125 chopper on Mar 3, 2018 and is headed to introduce another single-engine Airbus AS350 B2 Écureuil chopper very soon in its fleet.

Although AS350 series helicopters have been flying in Nepal for a number of years, the first H125 was delivered there in 2012. In that brief time, Private and Government Companies including the Nepalese Army, Shree Airlines, Simrik Air, Fishtail Air, Air Dynasty, Heli Everest, Mountain Helicopters, Altitude Air, and Manang Air have collectively logged more than 50,000 flying hours with their combined H125 fleet which is a milestone that was recognized by Airbus at Rotorcraft Asia earlier this year.

Kailash will begin operations offering tours, charter, rescues, and is planning to develop a world class long-line rescue team to provide high level of rescue services in Nepal. The company hopes to rapidly expand as they continue to build on positive relationships in the largest tourism markets of Nepal and work in other commercial sectors of the industry.


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