Kailash Helicopter starts its first commercial flight to Lukla

Kailash Helicopter’s brand new Heli  ‘9N-AML’ has officially started its first commercial flight today. The first commercial flight took-off to Lukla, the gateway to Mount Everest under the command of Captain Ashish Sherchan.

This initiation from the Kailash Helicopter will definitely provide best services to the climbers as well as for other missions in climbing season.

Kailash Helicopter Services Pvt. Ltd, a new operator in Nepal received Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on Friday.

The six-seater AS 350 (H125) B3E ‘9N-AML’ chopper was manufactured by Airbus Company. The helicopter can fly up-to 23000 feet.

The company is also preparing to introduce another Airbus AS350 B2 Écureuil chopper very soon in its fleet. Kailash helicopter services have been investing in various sectors related to the air and tourism sector, which have more than two decades of prominence of the services.

According to the Airbus, the H125 Chopper is renowned globally for high altitude search and rescue work with an impressive cargo-swing load capacity. The H125 series are currently in-service worldwide, and are mainly used for high performance missions in high & hot environment conditions.

The company aims to contribute to the tourism industry and to provide air services in rural areas. The company has said that it will serve for immediate treatment of the patient, corporate flights, human-cargo sliding operations, high-altitude operations,mountain flights, special adventure mission, filming, ski diving.

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