Kansakar retires from NAC

Managing Director of the flag carrier of the country Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) Sugat Ratna Kansakar has retired from the corporation. MD Kansakar retired after fulfilling his 4 years tenure yesterday.

Kansakar was appointed as MD of the corporation at end of May in 2015.

Before Mr. Kansakar, current executive chairman of the corporation Mr. Madan Kharel was appointed as MD of the corporation however, he was forfeited of his position after he failed to operate corporation flights in time thus Kansakar was appointed as MD later.

Madan Kharel resigned from his job within 21 months of his tenure after his work was questioned and government started investigating his work. Later, council of minister appointed Mr. Sugat Ratna Kansakar as the Managing Director.

However, MD Kansakar has been under investigation in wide-body procurement case. He was forfeited of post as executive director of the corporation and cabinet reappointed Madan kharel in his post last September, yet Mr. Kansakar remained till his full tenure.

Nepal got its first wide-body aircrafts, Airbus A330 series wide-body aircraft during his tenure and there has been speculation and some uncertain proof about irregularities in procurement of the wide-body aircrafts.

Government has also formed sub-committee to seek the irregularities of procurement process and the committee has reported irregularities in procurement of the aircrafts.

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