Kargo Xpress to add two 737-800BCFs under its fleet growth plans

Kargo Xpress, an airline headquartered in Malaysia, has ordered 2 B737-200s from GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) to be delivered on October 2021 and the beginning of 2022 (January), respectively.

With an intention to make its presence by expanding its route network in Northern China and Western India, Kargo Xpress will lease two Boeing Converted Freighters from GECAS. It commenced its scheduled flight operations with one Boeing 737-400F this July leased from Vallair. The added capacity from the GECAS-leased aircraft will more than triple the carrier’s existing cargo capacity.

Earlier this summer, a Malaysian cargo carrier also expressed its plan to add a B767-300 cargo jet to its fleet in 2022. Not only that, but it has also strategized for the induction of another B737-400F to increase its capacity.

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Gunasekar Mariappan, Managing Director, clarified the goal behind the lease of two B737-800(BCF)s to provide choice for Xpress e-commerce shipment, point-to-point delivery, trans-shipment, and flight-truck services for time-to-market for the client base in Asia. The leased aircraft will drive value for the carrier through timely and efficient delivery of shipment.

Kargo Xpress is dedicated to developing a robust, trustworthy, and cost-effective network within the largest continent of the world, centered around Boeing 737freighters. Richard Greener, the senior VP, and manager of GECAS, told about the features of 737-800 BCF-its versatility, efficiency, and reliability well suited to the planned growth strategy of Kargo Xpress.

Boeing Converted Freighters are set to meet the strong demand for transportation of urgent and time-sensitive goods in time. From the E-commerce boom to the demand for cargo transport, the world freighter fleet is predicted to level up for the next two decades. Boeing 737-800BCF is positioned perfectly for the standard-body freighter market. Currently, more than 200 orders have been won for 737-800BCF. These freighters are equipped with CFM56-7B engines and have a carrying capacity of up to 23.5 tons of cargo. Boeing 737-800BCF is set to be the backbone of Kargo Xpress that provides optimal solutions and high-quality services to its customers. After a massive surge in demand for aircraft to handle air cargo and e-commerce goods, 737-800BCFs will ship Xpress short-haul routes.

Features of BCFs

BCFs are equipped with the latest technology, and they have high fuel efficiency. They can efficiently fit into the air operator’s fleet as they have better reliability than other standard-body freighters. It capitalizes on Next Generation 737-800s to meet rising demand from e-commerce and Xpress cargo markets.

737-800BCF possesses blended winglets and reduces logistic and maintenance costs as its system and components are based on 737 passenger aircraft. It has a large cargo door and seats for up to four people, along with easy pilot transitions.

About Kargo Xpress

MJets International’s start-up Kargo Xpress is working to be the pioneer operator of Boeing 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters in Malaysia. In terms of region, K-Mile Asia already added one unit of the type in its fleet.

The fifth freighter operator of Malaysia makes the provision of airline charter flights, offers aviation products, services, and facilities with increased connectivity across its global network. It is the newest freighter operator in Malaysia. It has its base hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It serves the cities of Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, and Kuching. MJets International Sdn Bhd doing business as Kargo Xpress, has visualized being an integrated air cargo logistics service provider.  It got its Air Operator’s Certificate in June 2021. This certificate is a must for every airline to commence its flight operations commercially.  A month after it got its AOC, it outlined its growth plans that are partially driven by the opportunity to fly for China’s Alibaba and Lazada Group.

As an approved cargo airline, it operates both scheduled air freighter as well as charter flights. The carrier had a 24/7 web-based portal that provides online services to customers to cater to their business needs.

 Kargo Xpress operates flights in line with its current networks to deliver shipments quickly and efficiently. It has the capability to carry a broad range of cargo such as livestock, valuable items, wet cargo, and dangerous goods (lithium-ion batteries), etc. It also sets up a Tier-1 Cargo site in Kuala Lumpur International Airport to provide comprehensive, seamless global air cargo handling services.

Kargo Xpress will further adapt a robust growth strategy to expand its network operations from a point-to-point cargo carrier to a network cargo airline in the coming days.  

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