Karnali airport reliable after the complete upgradation project

The airport located at Karnali, which was unsafe due to lack of upgradation has become safer recently.

The airport has become safer after conducting upgradation works faster and lowering different types of risks.

Kailash Sharma, chief of Jumla Airport stated that the air service in Karnali can be done in a reliable way.

According to geographical structure, air service is a reliable service in a rural Karnali and to make it more reliable and secure is the duty of the state.

He said that the nation has started leveling up the airports in Karnali and made air services reliable.

Through the discussion about upgrading the airports of Karnali was raised repeatedly, it was never commenced.

Fortunately, the airport of Jumla and Humla are upgraded this year and Chief Sharma claimed that air services have become safer now.

Sita Air’s plane crashed in Jumla Airport last year because of geographical structure, narrow and unmanaged. Previously, the airport had the frequent ruptures and growth of grasses in the runway and lack of clear sign in the runway.

Chief Sharma stated that Jumla Airport has become reliable after the completion of the runway renovation project twice a time.

“There will not be any incidents in the airport except the technical problem in aircraft”, said Sharma.

Ministry of Tourism started upgradation project in Talcha Airport of Mugu, Simikot Airport of Humla, Kotwada Airport of Juphal and Jumla Airport in last February month.

Local resident of Karnali have emphasized that the air services should be accessible more than roadway transportation.

Jumla Airport was closed for 20 days for necessary runway renovation and airport enhancement project.

About NRs 40 Million has been invested for the renovation and enhancement project of Jumla Airport.

In the request of the Airport Security Committee, the airport had undergone renovation previously on 8th Kartik, 2075. Unfortunately, due to excessive cold, the blacktopping project could not be completed and the renovating project was resumed on April 18.

The runway length of Jumla Airport is 670 meter which accommodates Twin Otter and Dornier aircraft.

The airlines operating flights to Jumla Airport are Tara Air, Sita Air, Summit Air and Nepal Airlines Corporation.


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