Khanidanda Airport in menace and verse of Extinction

Khanidanda airport has still not been in eyes of concerned authority as the heavy rain of the monsoon that caused soil erosion around airport and in runway has put the airport in danger.

The airport lies near district headquarter Diktel and though the budget for the renovation has been allocated, lack of interest from concerned authorities has caused problem in the airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN) has stated that around 7 million for the renovation and management and due to delay in getting the progress report from the engineer, they are unable to explain about progress in the airport.

The Manamaya ‘Khanidanda’ Airport has not gone under renovation after heavy rain in last monsoon blocked the drainage that led water to be clogged in the runway which later busted and have started wearing out soils around the airport and now it has been destructing the airport. However, still the authority has not shown any interest in repairing or renovating the airport.

The clogged water in runway made its path from the side of the runway that has already eroded 10-15 meter of soil. Due to this, around 2-3 meter of runway has already been eradicated and the problem is expected to expand. The heavy rain had washed away slab which blocked the water flow creating risk of landslide.

The airport construction was started in 2060 with the help of land provided by locals in free and in 2062 Nepal Army and Nepal Airlines made maiden flights in the airport.

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