Khotang: Flight operation resumes in Khanidada Airport.

Khotang: Flight operation resumes in Khanidada Airport

05 August 2016

Flight operation in ManaMaya Rai Khanidada Airport is back in service after being shut for one long month due to bad weather condition and fogs. The re-operation of the flight services mainly provides an ease to the patients of district hospital who are referred to other major hospitals. The shutting of the airport had created a very adverse situation specially for the patients of the district hospital of Khotang who were compelled to be carried on stretchers to Haleshi few kilometers away.

The airport remained inoperative after Nepal Airlines departed on July 13 and reopened after a month when the weather conditions and visibility turned back to normal. The regular scheduled flights have been initiated as soon as the weather turned back to normal according to chief of Airport YadavSen Rai.

The aircraft of Nepal Airlines conduct regular scheduled flight to Kathmandu-Khanidada-Kathmandu four days a week viz. Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Similarly conducts flight from Biratnagar-Khanidada-Biratnagar two days viz. Tuesday and Friday.

The airport runway which was black topped just a year ago now operates scheduled flights of Goma Air, Tara Air including Nepal Airlines. Lamidada Airport is also located at the district and which is also inoperative since July due to weather.

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