Kolavia Air Airbus A321 crashes in Egypt with 220 passengers

A Russian aircraft, Kolavia flight 7K9268 has been reported to have crashed in Egypt 23 minutes after leaving Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport, Egypt. The plane was carrying 212 passengers and 7 crew members all of whom have been thought to have been killed by the crash.

EgyptionPM Sherif Ismail has confirmed the news that the aircraft went missing from the rdars when flying above the Sinai,Egypt. The crash site has been identified by the Egyptian aviation ministry as the desolate mountainous area in Sinai. The aircraft was scheduled to report to ATC at Turkish Cyprus’ Larnaca but couldn’t. The Kogalymavia airline Airbus A321 was carrying an all Russian payload to St. Petersburg. It has been revealed that the captain of the aircraft requested for a change of course such that a landing in Cairo had to be done. It is also mentioned that complains of engine problems were reportedly made by the crew of the aircraft that faced the ill-fated accident.

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