Kotawada Airport in Kalikot yet away from any commercial flight operation

Kotawada Airport in Kalikot whose construction began back during the Panchayat Governmental tenure yet today has no any commercial flight operation.

The airport in rural Kalikot has always remained the hope for the safest and comfort mode of travel for the locals in the Kalikot region.

Previously 36 workers lost their lives in the airport province during the Maoist and governmental civil war. As been reported by Nagarik News, on Falgun 15 2058, 36 workers proclaimed to be Maoist rebellion were shot and killed by Nepal Army. The day has even been marked as the black day in the history of Kotawada.

The airport project was hit by back to back circumstances delaying the completion of the targeted airport project but was finally accomplished after 30 years previous year.

Former Tourism & Civil Aviation Minister Mr. Jiwan Bahadur Shahi had initiated the contractors to pace up the construction last year to accomplish the project on time. It was in Mr. Shahi’s minister tenure when the airport succeeded to commence the test flight of the airport last year but no any aircraft has landed back in the airport since then.

Though airports in other rural sections of Humla, Jumla have already been operating commercial flight Kotawada Airport has yet remained untouched by any aircraft.

The uncertainty of flight operation at the airport has been troubling and worrying the locals of the region for safe transportation.

The airport project was accomplished with 16 crores of the budget but has no any flight operation since the test flight.


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