KTM-Delhi route fare still high

With the Jet airways flight cut down after the airline suspended its all flight operations, the flight fare of Kathmandu-Delhi sector has soared to maximum. The fare for the sector has increased by nearly 3 fold and has not decreased and passengers are in trouble of getting the tickets.

Currently there are 5 flights daily in sector and still passenger are in trouble to get a single ticket in the sector.

Jet airways cancelled flights nearly a month ago and the airline had been providing service to more than 500 passengers daily in the sector. Closure of the airlines led to increase in passenger volume to other airlines resulting to increase in fare.

Currently 3 airlines, Nepal Airlines (NAC), Air India and Indigo operate in this sector. NAC and Air India is operating 2 daily flights while Indigo is operating 1 flight. Indigo had stated to increase 1 flight in the sector from May and has already received permission from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) but has not increased the flight frequency.

The demand of ticket for Delhi increased heavily after the Jet Airways’ shutdown so the ticket price automatically increased for the expensive tickets. Previously, one way ticket price was NRs. 8000 only but now it has rocketed to NRs. 20000.

After the rapid increase in fare in the sector, CAAN had previously asked to increase flight frequency as well.

NAC which had been operating 11 weekly flights added 3 more flight and had been operating 2 daily flights whereas Air India also added 1 daily flight.

Spice Jet, Mumbai-budget carrier is preparing to operate scheduled flights between Delhi-Kathmandu air routes.

Jet airline halted operations on April 17 after its lenders refused to provide further funds to keep it afloat.

The airline was founded in 1992 and started its operation from 1993 with 4 Boeing 737 aircraft. In 2012, the airline became one of the biggest private airline of India.

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