KTM-DOH-KTM flight Of Himalaya Airlines On 31th May

KTM-DOH-KTM flight Of Himalaya Airlines On 31th May

22 May, 2016 – Himalaya Airlines, a joint venture airlines of Tibet and Nepal, is all set to commence its commercial flight to Doha, Qatar on upcoming Tuesday ( 31th May).

It has been almost two months of successful conduction of proving flight by A320-200 (9N-ALM) aircraft of Himalaya Airlines. Till now, the aircraft has been on TIA parking bay unable to conduct commercial flights. So, from May 31, Himalaya is going to conduct its flight on KTM-DOH-KTM route.

According to one of the senior official of Himalaya, it will depart from Kathmandu at 11pm (local time) and return to Kathmandu in the morning.

Himalaya Airlines has already obtained Daily Flight Permission for Colombo, Srilanka but due to scarce of passengers, Himalaya won’t conduct flight to Colombo. Still, Himalaya hasn’t obtained flight permit for Delhi, India.

Himalaya has kept Chengdu, Beijing and Lhasa of China as its future destinations. Inorder to show its administration aspect for Delhi flight, Himalaya has already carried out proving flight to Delhi.

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