Kuwait Airways Operating 5th Freedom Cargo Operations

Kuwait Airways to launch its 5th Freedom cargo Ops on August 13th, 2021. The 5th Freedom of Air cargo ops of Kuwait Airways is expected to add some additional perks for the national carrier in its expedition to recover the nation’s aviation market from the after-effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Kuwait’s Airbus Fleet for Post-Pandemic Recovery 

The national airlines of Kuwait had received its first two Airbus A330neos back in October 2020. Operating with the 15 Airbus aircrafts 7 Airbus A320ceos, 3 Airbus A320neo, and 5 Airbus A330ceos at the time, the aircraft were the first of the eight A320neos variants ordered by the airlines.

Kuwait Airways

The addition of new variants from Airbus highlighted the company’s strategy to offer increased operational efficiency, superior passenger comfort, and overall an economical package. The airline has plans to operate the A330neos with 235 passenger seat configuration, 32 fully-flat beds in the business class, and 203 spacious seats in the economic class with large cargo storage to accommodate generous passenger baggage allowance.

For its versatile features, comfortable services at an economical price, and excellent range, the mid-sized capable aircraft is considered an excellent aircraft to operate in the pos-Covid-19 recovery world, which is expected to recover gradually with a steady increase in demand for air travel.

On the recovery course, Kuwait Airways just recently re-established its two weekly services between Munich and Kuwait City from July 17th, 2021. The national carrier is using its brand new aircraft from Airbus A320neo on the route on Thursdays and Saturdays. The re-establishment of the service also received a good response from Munich Airport.

Kuwait’s 5th Freedom Cargo Ops, Strategy Aimed At Post-Covid-19 Market?

To put it simply, in the context of commercial aviation, a flight fifth of air guarantees the right for an aircraft to fly between two countries when the flight is either originating or terminating in its home country. The aircraft passing through will have the right to transport passengers between the two countries. The transporting of the passengers in such a way isn’t allowed in all cases but only if the carrier has made the 5th Freedom of Air agreement between the countries. 

As part of one of the “Freedoms of the Air,” a series of an agreed set of principles that allows airlines to fly around the world, the 5th Freedom of Air gives the carrier different perks like flying across the country’s territory without landing or landing for non-traffic purpose, transporting passenger or cargos belonging to the particular nation. Similarly, the airlines will have rights for carrying the passengers and cargo from the country destined to the next within the agreement and carrying the passengers and cargo from any of the two-nation to the home country of the airlines. 

Kuwait Airways

The agreement just doesn’t add benefits for the operating airlines. They also give opportunities for the passenger to fly exotic airline between other countries, providing better passenger experience in long-haul service and to top it all the fifth freedom flights are reasonably priced.

So, the national carrier plans to launch the 5th Freedom Cargo Ops can enjoy all the perks of the agreement. Freely carrying or dropping cargo with the agreed nations for more reliable and cost-effective services is certainly a great strategy to implement in the slowly recovering aviation market devastated by the outbreak of Covid-19, gradually improving the air-demand market with all parties involved.

About Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways was established in 1954; in its initial years, the airlines served a limited network of Basra, Abadan, Beirut, Jerusalem, and Damascus. The airlines faced economic hardship after a year of establishment. The Kuwait government took 50% shares and later took complete 100% shares of the company, debuting it as a national carrier.

The national carrier aims to provide customer-oriented services that meet all the customers’ individual needs and preferences. Providing quality services for both clients looking for best-in-class services, premium products, and clients seeking value money, reliable economy products, Kuwait Airway doesn’t fail to appease every kind of customer. 

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