Kuwait Airways resumes flights to Munich

Since July 17, 2021, Kuwait Airways has re-established two weekly services between Munich and Kuwait City. The route is being operated with the brand-new Airbus A320neo on Thursdays and Saturdays.

“We are delighted that Kuwait Airways has chosen to re-dispatch trips to Munich, and we anticipate that a good response should follow this late spring,” states Oliver Dersch, VP Traffic Improvement Munich Airport.

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Kuwait Airways munich

With flights from the UAE, Etihad, and Qatar Aviation routes flights, there will be a total of 19 weekly takeoffs from the Gulf Countries to Munich this July and conceivably more to come in the accompanying months. In 2019, 1.7 million travelers went on trips among Munich and the Bay States.

“Traffic between the two popular regions will soon recover, and Germany is confident that it will allow fully vaccinated visitors from countries other than the EU to re-enter,” Dersch says.

Kuwait Airways (KAC) reported yesterday that it would continue to travel to Geneva, Munich, and Frankfurt twice a week on July 9. KAC Advertising and Data Chief Fayez Al-Enezi said at a news gathering that KAC plans to travel to Geneva twice every week, beginning Friday (July 9). As of July 17, there are two week-by-week trips to Munich and two to Frankfurt from early August.

In this regard, they appreciated the decision of the Council of Ministers and the Committee of Ministers of the CoronaVirus Emergency to allow direct flights from Kuwait to 12 different countries. They focused on the significance of choice during this period, particularly throughout the mid-year season, which adds to reviving the travel industry and travel area overall and the business air transport sector. He said the company had reopened in the past and served several major travel destinations, most notably London, which had weekly flights last month.

The organization has chosen to continue trips to London, Paris, Malaga, and Sarajevo to feature a staged recuperation methodology for ordinary activities. In a past press conference, KAC said that as of July 7, it intends to fly three times each week to Paris on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Saturday and Wednesday in Sarajevo were beginning June 30.

The organization, as of late, reported that it would continue trips to London once every week. We began organizing three flights per week to Bodrum on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday, June 15. And on June 18, in addition to regular flights to Istanbul, began to organize three weekly flights to Trabzon on Sundays, Mondays, and Fridays.

 Moreover, the public transporter announced two flights each week to Tbilisi on Mondays and Fridays, notwithstanding a few summers the travel industry destinations. The corporation has promised to re-establish the entire operation of commercial aircraft based on the approval of health authorities and the resumption of air traffic in other countries.

In the meantime, KAC announced on July 11, 2021, that it would extend its working hours at its office fee in Farwaniya from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm. The move aimed to ease the rush of KAC customers, said Faiz al-Anezi, director of PR and media. Office fees. “This extension of working hours provides better service to our customers,” he said.

“All KAC offices offer reservations for all tickets, including government, international medical, commercial, and Oasis membership tickets. These are only available for office rates on Avenue from 9 am to 4 pm. KAC offices provide all services, including the issuance, cancellation, change, update of all types of tickets, and receipt of complaints, inquiries, and suggestions. “KAC offices also prioritize them to serve disabled and elderly clients quickly,” he noted.

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