Lady gives birth to a baby in NAC’s onboard aircraft

Today, a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby boy inside a flying aircraft in route to Nepalgunj.

The woman was flying to Nepalgunj from Talcha Airport, Mugu for the needed treatment in Nepalgunj for delivery of her baby. But her baby came out of her womb prior to landing at Nepalgunj aircraft, reported Mr. Pandey, Nepalgunj Regional Director for Nepal Airlines.

The baby boy was born with a normal delivery in an onboard Twin Otter aircraft belonging to Nepal Airlines at around 11:55 am in the morning, he added.

The mother of the newborn baby has been identified as Maya Devi Bham resident of Rara municipality. The condition of both baby and mother is normal and both are currently admitted at Bheri Zonal Hospital in Nepalgunj.

Maya Devi after excessive bleeding was onboard in NAC aircraft for immediate treatment by her family members.

Authority from Nepal Airlines analyzing the risk of death for Naya Devi due her bleeding had requested her family members to sign a contract prior to take off.

The aircraft took off from Talcha at 11:05 am of Nepali time in the morning today and the baby boy came out of his mother’s womb at 11:55 am.

We are very much delight to land both mother and her baby boy safely at Nepalgunj, reported Pilot IR Gurung.

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