Land dispute between two government aviation bodies in its vertex

Land dispute between Nepal Airlines Corporation (CAAN) and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has now reached its peak after both are claiming to be the rightful owner of land at Rajha in Nepalgunj Airport.

Regional manager of the corporation Mukti Ram Pandey said that the land has not been owned by anyone but it has been used by the corporation for last 35 years. CAAN had demolished 2 buildings established in the area which includes engineering building of the corporation, around a week ago with extensive force to which the corporation has filed the request against to Chief District officer of Banke.

NAC has also filed the case at court stating about the threat toward their staffs and valuables. The corporation has also stated that the use of such extensive force is unbearable as legal process was going on for the case. The high court of Tulsipur had also ordered not to demolish the building any time soon.

The buildings were built by corporation around 35 years ago and currently the building are being used for engineering department and other important record and placing heavy equipment machines.

Upon calling press conference by the corporation at Neplagunj, Pandey stated that the valuables were destroyed when the building was destroyed in the chaos.

Meanwhile, head of CAAN at Nepalgunj Pratapbabu Tiwari said that the land ownership is with the CAAN and the buildings were destroyed after repeated notice to corporation to extend the airport facility. He added that previously officials of the corporation were called by the CAAN to help in land acquisition process but the corporation had requested to halt it for time being. Kiran Man Shrestha, senior officer of NAC at Nepalgunj regional office said that CAAN demolished the building before court made the decision.

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