Land requisition process to begin: Nijgadh International Airport

Land requisition process to begin: Nijgadh International Airport

The process to start requisition of land will soon take place in Nijgadh, according to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. In the meeting held between Chief executives of the department on Jestha 18, decided to implement its own officials to start the requisition process. The authorities of Civil Aviation handed the job to Rajendara Prased Chimoriya who is also by profession an engineer and lawyer of the department.

The details records of the either private or government owned land are being verified and collected. The officials are still figuring out ways,to invest its initial 50 corer rupees. For pre-construction work, authorities decided to invest around 4 crore rupees.

Soon the officials will be at site and starts evaluating land, resettling around 1400 houses and cutting trees to further the construction work – Chimoriya said. Nijgadh International Airport is estimated to complete within 3 years if the work continue without any hurdles, he added. The government will further the investment process after finalizing the land value and completion of initial phase of work.

The documents were already been cleared last year on chaitra 17 by Finance Ministry. The process to bound construction region/land was already finished last year. The plan was set up in 2064 B.C to build a substitute international airport but the authorities are together now to finally begin the process from this year.

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