Less than 2 months until deadline of GBIA project

The deadline of the construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA) is now less than 2 months.

China’s Northwest Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group should complete all physical construction work of GBIA by June 28 (Ashar 14), 2019. However, it seems to be difficult to complete rest of the construction work within the deadline.

Previously, the construction work was going in a sharp pace.

Engineer Prabesh Adhikari, chief of the project stated that the last phase of blacktopping the main part i.e the runway of airport is going on.

A total of 50 percent of blacktopping work has been done and the road to go taxi-way from main runway, he said.

Adhikari said that all work of the runway will be completed within 1 month if the weather is good and any technical problems don’t occur.

Even if all construction works are not completed within deadline, the runway, departure and arrival building, air traffic controller tower and also the main structure will be completed.

Apron (parking site) has also been constructed.

“The work of fitting trace at top of terminal building is going on and the finishing, painting, wiring and networking inside the building are also going on.

After finishing the terrace setting, Roof seats will be kept where 6/7 level roofing seat will be placed.”

According to the officials, the work of fitting pipe for various electrical appliances on both sides of the roadway has already been completed. The work of connecting electric appliances at the runway and taxiway will be done only after the construction work of the runway completion.

He said that the target of the project is to complete the main structures of the project.

Presently, the construction work is being carried out at night time and the construction workers are engaged day and night.

Now the only problem is only associated with the tools used in river waters, he said, “if the weather is good and there is no lack of river’s equipments then the work will be carried out in same pace.”

Other administrative works of getting the certificate for airport that will state the airport if worth of operation, the agreement on air routes, the permission and agreement for international airline companies in order to operate flights from International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the agreement on air routes with India are pending.

The project was awarded to China’s Northwest Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group in November 2013 for NRs. 6.22 Billion and was expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

The airport will be the country’s second international airport and is expected to minimize the traffic congestion of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). The runway of the airport will be 3,000 meters long and 45 meter wide and is set to have CAT I standard Instrument Landing System (ILS).



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