Let L-410 Crashes into a River in South Sudan resulting 19 fatalities

Let L-410 carrying around 22 passengers has been crashed into a river in South Sudan. A preliminary report has stated around 19 people may have died while remaining are missing.

The aircraft which took off from Juba International Airport to Yirol city crashed near a river stated an eyewitness to international media and bodies were recovered from the water. The exact name of the airline and a total number of deceased and alive has not been disclosed as the authority has not received any information stated the media.

sudan crash

However, some have confirmed that among the passenger 3 of them were children and a child and a pilot may have survived while the exact number is still not confirmed.

One of the survivors, an Italian doctor working with an NGO, is in critical condition and undergoing surgery in Yirol Hospital, the minister said.

Several crashes have occurred in war-torn South Sudan in recent years. In 2017, four passengers were injured after bad weather caused their plane to crash into a fire truck upon landing and burst into flames.

In 2015, dozens of people were killed when a Russian-built cargo plane with passengers on board crashed after taking off from the airport in Juba.

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