Local in Lalitpur Caught Using Drone

Local in Lalitpur Caught Using Drone

Anurup Pathak, 29 August 2016, Kathmandu

The Metropolitan Police Range held up a 31 years old guy named Sagun Sherpa for unauthorized use of drone at International Club, Lalitpur during a Pulsar Bike TV reality show. The Drone that was black in color with white blades with label of Dji was being controlled by him.

Captured Drone at Lalitpur

According to the source, Sherpa with his drone have been presented at Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal for more investigation and action. It has been found that Sherpa is a permanent inhabitant of Gokarneshwor, Kathmandu Municipality.

Recently two foreign citizens were also caught using drone unauthorized around Lalitpur area.

Home Ministry, Government of Nepal has strictly imposed rule of acquiring permission from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal who needs to fly drone. However, occasional activities of unauthorized drone exercises have been reported in lack of proper regulation awareness in people.

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