Locals at rural areas agitated following increment in air fare

Locals of Humla have been agitated after the Government increased the air fare by 45percent in most of rural areas. The government had decided to increase the air fare of domestic flight to rural areas by 45% in May and now the locals had opposed and protested against it.

Airlines Company had increased air fares by end of May to Simikot airport in Humla and the locals have been protesting against it immediately after it came into existence. Union of Industry and Commerce of Jumla Chairman Nagmel Tamang stated that government and other concerned parties haven’t shown any interest to locals demand thus have started the protest.

As per new fare, two-way travel from Jumla to Nepalgunj is 7190 NPR and Chairman Tamang said that the both way fares should be kept 5290 NPR. Before the fare was 5290 as normal rate whereas the cost exceeded 10 thousand for chartered flight.

Tamang have threatened to protest before district administration office and to close Simikot area afterwards. They have announced the 5 day protest program to be organized at the local level of the district which includes protest at the airport.

Currently Nepal Airlines, Tara, Summit, Sita, and Makalu Air operate to Simikot airport. Due to lack of road transportation, air ways has always been first priority of mode of transport and increase in the airfare has been injustice to peoples of the area.

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