Locals at Dolpa reach district office to make air ticketing equitable

Air travel is the only means of transportation for the people at Dolpa to reach Nepalgunj and Surkhet for getting connected with rest part of the country.

Many of the locals who traveled back to their home in Dolpa to celebrate the Dashain festival with their family and relatives at present have been troubled by the unavailability of air ticket for returning back to their workstation. So many of the locals being bothered by the problem had reached Central District Office to complain about the inequality made by airline companies for seat reservation.

Many of the troubled individuals had reported that the airlines are only favoring the contact persons with the air travel tickets. Thus the locals were appealing for the equality and transparent ticket distribution.

CDO for the district Mr. Keshav Raj Acharaya reported Aviationnepal that tourism season has started and number of foreigners including some internal tourist from the country have started to visit the region and at the other hand locals who came back to celebrate Dashain are packed thus the ticket occupancy is very high at each aircraft causing trauma for the locals.

He added that earlier he had scheduled a meeting on Monday with the authority of Nepal Airlines, Tara Air, Summit Air and Makalu Air to come up with a solution but due to ongoing telecommunication problem, he wasn’t able to talk with the airline authorities. So he has planned to meet them by coming two days period.

Juphal Airport at Dunai, Dolpa was recently blacktopped and Tara Air had made the first test landing with its Twin Otter aircraft at the newly blacktopped runway on 8 September. Summit Air also test landed its LET aircraft some days after Tara Air. Previously the airport had not landed any aircraft for moreover three months duration prior to Tara.

At present Nepal Airlines conducts a scheduled flight each week with the Twin Otter aircraft to Juphal. Similarly, Tara Air, Summit Air and Makalu Air are conducting charter and cargo flight on a regular basis.





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