Locals from Dunai, Dolpa excited with reoperation of Juphal Airport

Juphal Airport which had remained untouched by any aircraft since 15 June has finally succeeded to operate a flight today. Previously the airport was closed for accomplishing the black topping job of the runway.

Today, Tara Air’s Twin Otter 9N-ABM aircraft was operated to Juphal Airport to test the recently maintained airport. The aircraft had landed at the runway and has approved the STOL airport for reoperation.

According to an ATC officer from Nepalgunj Airport Twin Otter, 9N-ABM aircraft belong to Tara took for Juphal airport at 8:40 am in the morning from Nepaljung.

Similarly, Bharat Joshi AT officer from Juphal Airport reported AviationNepal that the Twin Otter aircraft belonging to Tara had landed at Juphal Airport at 9:15 am in the morning carrying cargoes and the pilot crews were delighted with the airworthiness of the airport.

520 meter out of 560 meters length runway has already been blacktopped but 40-meter area of the runway is still untouched. The airport had only used 520-meter length of the runway area today, Joshi added.

The reaming part of runway black topping job is currently in progress and is expected to be accomplished by next few days.

The airport today only conducted a single flight operation and is now ready to restart its regular operation. Juphal Airport for next few days will only conduct flight operation in between 6am-10am of local time to complete the remaining maintenance work.

Rs 98.1 million of budgets have been initiated to accomplishing the black topping the runway in Juphal Airport reported Project Chief Bir Prasad Shahi.

The airport is the only medium of transport connection for the locals in Dunai in Dolpa and the airport had remained closed since past 84days due to delayed work at the airport.

As been reported the Twin Otter aircraft had also on board passengers while returning back to Nepalgunj. The aircraft took off from Juphal at 9:45 am.

Likewise, Makalu Air has also planned to operate its Cessna aircraft from tomorrow. The airport is likely to operate two aircraft Twin Otter and Cessna from tomorrow which has delighted the locals in Dolpa with joy.

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