Locals finding difficulty in getting air tickets at Juphal, Dolpa

Juphal Airport is the only airport in Dolpa district that has been providing flight operations since 42 years. Local people complained that they have to wait 1 week to get tickets for air travel.

After Sita Air and Summit air stopped flights operation in western region, it has been difficult to get air tickets at Juphal Airport.

Gopal Poudel, a resident of Butwal, said that the problem of air tickets to the public on the Juphal Airport is major.

According to the source, being profit motive, Sita Air and Summit Air stopped flights at Dolpa and conduct flights at Eastern region when there are more passengers. Tara Air on the other hand is operating regular flights at the airport.

Local people have requested concerned authorities to conduct regular and efficient flights at the airport.

Due to the decrease in regular flight by Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), Sita Air, Summit Air, the problem of air tickets is increasing day by day.  National flag carrier NAC reduced flight frequency to one flight which used to conduct flights twice a week.

Airway is the only means of transportation for citizens at Dolpa district to travel Nepalgunj and Surkhet for getting connected with the rest part of the country.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the flight of passengers in Juphal Airport is increasing after the flight is reduced. Dolpa has also urged Sita Air, Summit Air to make a regular flight at Juphal Airport.

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