Locals of Dang request Govt. for resumption of Tarigaun Airport

Locals of Dang have requested the government to resume the operation at Tarigaun Airport, Dang which started its flight operation since 2011.

Hari Prasad Adhikari of Tulsipur Sub-Municipality complained that no initiative have been taken to operate air service for the last three months. He said, “During the election, all those candidates from the district made a huge commitment to operate the regular flight but, they haven’t shown any interest now.”

Chandra Rai of Tulsipur sub-municipality ward No. 6 has said if the government is not going to operate regular flight then why they spent millions of rupees for the airport.

Previously, Summit Air and Tulsipur Municipality made an agreement to conduct two flights in a week. However, the flights operation become uncertain after the airline increases its air-tickets NRs 9,800 from Nrs6,700.

Earlier, The Tulsipur Industry Commerce Association also initiated to bring the airport in operation by blacktopping the runway of Tarigaun airport.

After the pressure of local people, including Tulsipur Industry Commerce Association, about 750 meters of runway was blacktopped by government investing around Rs 8 million.

Meanwhile, Governor of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan, Ghanshyam Pandey stated that the airport will operate within short period of time.Local people from Narayanpur, Dang started protesting after the government set up plans to construct an alternative airport in Dang.

Locals of Dang haven’t been able to utilize the blacktopping of the 700 meter runway at an investment of 100 million rupees and have been agitated after the fact that government hasn’t given priority to the airport in current fiscal year budget to upgrade the airport.

Peoples of Dang have to take air service from Nepalgunj airport now. Summit air initially took 7200 NPR for the flight in coordination with Tulsipur sub-metropolitan but stating the increment in air fuel the airlines had increased the price up to 2680 NPR for one way only thus facing decrements in passenger’s movement.

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