Locals of Humla face difficulty in getting air tickets

Locals of Humla are having hard time to get a plane ticket due to increase in number of Indian tourists and syndicate of Airlines Company to provide air-tickets to such tourists only. Due to such reasons, locals of Jumla as well as tourists have to wait for weeks to obtain a ticket. Even ill and sick patients are having hard time to obtain a ticket.

Lack of proper land transport facility has made airways as a primary means of transportation to locals and tourists visiting to and through Simikot Airport. But due to such problems locals are not being able to get air-ticket even they pay more than actual fare.

According to sources, locals whose treatment are not possible at the district and have to travel to another district, students travelling to other district for high education and teachers who have to travel to attend Public service commission exam are also not getting the ticket with ease.

Although every airline has made provision to provide a seat for ill and sick, other passengers are having hard time to get the ticket. Airlines Company and Humla Chambers of Commerce and Industry made an agreement in last May to provide 2 tickets to Nepali passengers compulsorily in every flight but it has not be implemented yet.

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