Locals protest to bring Majhgaun airport in operation

Locals of Bhimdutta Municipality-16 at Kanchanpur who had urged to bring Majhgaun Airport in operation have started protest.

Locals committee created to pressurize the concerned authority so as to bring the airport into operation has started the strike as now budget were separated to bring airport in operation.

The locals along with the committee and business personnel started protest rally on Friday morning after budget didn’t mention about the airport.

The committee has also stated to have discussion with local representative and local administration officials to bring the airport in operation along with hotel operators, business personnel and other committee.

The airport which had been operating before 2 decades had been closed stating about security issues from 2056 BS and locals stated that every political parties assure about bringing airport into operation during election time, however the airport has not been in operation till now.

The committee member stated that they have discussed with various technicians about reoperation of the airport and stated that there is no technical issue and stated that they are willing to shift human settlement if required to bring airport in operation.

The airport located near Suklaphanta conservation area has been established at around 53 bigha land has now turned into grazing land and locals suggest that the operation of the airport can help in increasing tourism at the area.

People have stated to keep pressure on by continuing various strike programs till airport comes into operation.

The airport can be alternative to Geta Airport (Dhangadhi Airport) which is currently undergoing renovation work. Locals of Kanchanpur have to travel either to Dhangadhi Airport or to Nepalgunj airport in order to take flight service for past 2 decades.

Locals believe that operation of the airport could boost up tourism in the area as various tourism destinations like Sukhlaphant conservation area, Betkot lake, Asia’s second largest suspension bridge etc are located in the area.

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