London City Airport to reopen as WW2 bomb gets safely moved

London City Airport which remained closed for whole Monday will reopen from today after a 500kg Second World War bomb has been safely moved. The bomb will be detonated at a secure location.

The World War 2 bomb was discovered at the King George V Dock on Sunday during the planned work at the airport. Passengers were requested not to visit London City Airport as all the flights on Monday got cancelled.

A total of 261 scheduled arrivals and departures got cancelled on Monday affecting up to 16,000 passengers and some residents who were evacuated.

The device was moved by bomb disposal experts from where it was found in a bed of silt 15m underwater to another location in the dock.

Royal Navy divers are now working through the night to move the 1.5m-long German bomb down the Thames to carry out a controlled explosion.

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