Loss of Millions due to one Hoax Call.

Loss of Millions due to one Hoax Call.

01 Apr 2016 Sumesh Shrestha – The hoax phone calls incoming in Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, claiming a bomb threat is causing the loss of millions since two weeks.

Jet airways-Kathamdnu-BombHoax

  Photo: Jet Airways flight 9W260 at Kathmandu International Airport

Only few days back a Jet Airways Flight, which took off from New Delhi to Kathmandu, became victim of bomb threat, which after landing went under a serious inspection by evacuating the whole passengers and baggage of passengers. Eventually the threat turned out to be a hoax. This caused a lot of stress on the administration, authorities, and the airlines.

Highest level Security Forces of India suspects that the security system of Indira Gandhi Airport can be an easy target for the terrorists when it comes to the matter of fatal incident like one that was created in Brussels. A plane forced to land because of the bomb threat from the fake telephone calls in the airport can cause a loss minimum of 32 million.

An official from a airlines in India says when any aircraft becomes victim of a bomb threat or any terrorist threat, the airlines will have manage all the food, accommodation as well the scheduling of another relevant flight for its passenger because of which the airline will be liable to the expenditure from about 25 million to 32 million according to the situation. And this all could happen because of one fake call.

The security forces of India tells about no strict security check and strict security pass to enter Indira Gandhi International Airport until the present time. This weak and faulty security system has created the Airport into a high stress since few days in the contrast of frequent bomb threat from phone calls.

After the frequent threat, authorities of airport claim that all the Terminals should be changed with a new and strictly implemented security system that only can assure the prevention of any future possible risk of any terrorist attack and bomb threats. Failure to do so may result a serious mishap.

According to the resource, the Police Station of Indira Gandhi International Airport has received over a dozen fake calls relating to terrorist attack and bomb threat with few days.

Police have been able to capture only 2 of the suspects relating this issue. The central security force of the airport and also the agency of United Nations are keeping track of suspects and investigating about the issue right now. They are also forwarding the plans about the security of Airport to the Government of India. United Nations has been forwarding the proposal about the Three Level Security System in the airports prevalent nowadays worldwide to the government. This Security Hold Area plan will make the security check of all passengers compulsory before they can enter the check-in counter.

Only Shree Nagar Airport in India currently has the security system of not allowing any passengers inside the terminal without a strict security check.

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