‘Lost and found room’ at TIA

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), a sole international airport has established Lost and Found Unit room at International terminal building.

Civil Aviation Authority airport office inaugurated this room on January 25, 2019.

Raj Kumar Chhetri, General Manager of TIA stated that if any passengers lost their belonging then they can complain about it in ‘Lost and Found’ unit and can come to same room for follow-up or for gathering their lost goods.

Previously, there was no certain place to inform when the goods were lost in the airport. There was a situation to contact administration office in such case. As far the passengers have to reach the respective airline’s room for follow-up.

According to the details of the items given by the passengers, the airport office will search the items. The office will keep on its website if no passengers come to collect the found goods.

Likewise, domestic and international terminal building of TIA has been facilitated with Wi-Fi services. According to the airport official, the free WiFi facility has been introduced in cooperation with WorldLink Communications.

TIA has added additional chairs at terminal building for making passengers comfortable while waiting for flights.

Department of Immigration (DOI) is preparing to upgrade TIA with the bio metric details of every foreign tourists traveling to Nepal in current fiscal year. The department will establish state-of-the-art desk in the arrival and departure room of TIA within this fiscal year.

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