Lufthansa bids farewell to the A380 D-AIMH at Teruel Airport for storage

Lufthansa said goodbye to the gigantic Airbus A380, perhaps for the last time. The last of 14 aircraft took off from Frankfurt.

On September 14, the aircraft departed Lufthansa‘s stronghold on what was presumably its last trip.


D-AIMH took off from Frankfurt Airport at 9:30 a.m., as previously stated. The plane took off from Frankfurt’s Runway 18 and flew south via Germany and Switzerland before crossing into French territory and landing in Spanish airspace. According to data from, the plane started its descent into Teruel after cruising at 39,000 feet. It landed approximately two hours after taking off.

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The serial number for D-AIMH is 70. It took to the skies for the first time on December 9, 2010, and arrived on July 5, 2011, with the German flag carrier. The aircraft has logged 38,587 flight hours and 3,930 flight cycles with the company. The aircraft, which has a current market value of $42.49 million, haven’t flown in almost a year and a half.

It will be a sad ending for the fleet if this is really the end. D-AIMM, the airline’s newest A380, is just 6.9 years old, whereas D-AIMA, the airline’s oldest, is 11.39 years old. The aircraft is 9.95 years old on average and has flown 36,065 hours all over 3,709 flight cycles.

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