Lukla Airport: New helipad to inaugurate by the end of July (Photos)

From July 2021, a new helipad will be operational in Lukla airport, located on the left side of the 06 runway. “The new helipad work is nearly finished and a little bit delayed following corona pandemic,” Mukesh Dahal, Manager at Lukla Airport, said to AviationNepal.

All you need to know about Lukla Airport

According to Dahal, the present helipads are modest, and the number of helicopters operating at the airport is growing every day. Currently, only five helicopters can be stationed at a time; however, the construction of a new helipad will assist with the helicopter traffic. As a result, work on additional helipads has begun. Ten helicopter operators operate about 30 helicopters from the present Lukla helipad.

According to Dahal, The helipad is being built on around four ropani of land for NRs.  25-30 corers. Around 11-12 small helicopters like AS350B3 will be able to land at the same time after the helipad is operational.

The airport is being enlarged to accommodate an increase in air travelers to the region and provide additional amenities for the following year. The airport is undergoing significant upgrades.

CAAN also intends to increase the airport’s capacity by expanding the present runway’s length and enhancing the terminal building’s capacity. The authority will perform a technical study to add 30 meters to the current 527-meter-long, 20-meter-wide runway.

Tenzing Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla airport, is the entrance to the world’s highest mountain, Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest). It becomes overcrowded during peak season as more people choose to fly.

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