Lukla airport resumes operation after 10 days of closure due to bad weather

Lukla Airport, also known as Tenzing Hillary Airport has resumed its operation today after remaining out of operation from past ten days due to adverse weather.

Lila Prasad Shrestha, an official from Lukla Airport stated that though the weather was good yesterday, the flights operation is resumed from today. On 28 June, 2018 two aircraft landed on Lukla Airport but only one aircraft returned whereas another one was parked in the airport till July 6, he added.

Many tourists and local faced tremendous difficulty after the airport was remain closed.

Shrestha informed that only 14 flights have been operated from Lukla airport in the month of June.

Only aircraft like Twin Otter, Dornier 228, LET-410, Pilatus porter which are specially designated for STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) flights fly there. The airport lying on the lap of Mt Everest is one of the world’s extreme airports that features vibrant terrains, constantly changing weather and difficult approach making it challenging for pilots to come and land there.

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