Lukla Airport resumes operation after improvement in weather

Lukla airport which had been out of operation due to bad weather for 1 week resumed its operation today morning. Lila Prasad Shrestha, ATC officer stated Aviation Nepal that the flight operation was resumed today at 6:45 AM.

The airport operated only one flight on Sunday and after that, it remained closed following adverse weather. One helicopter landed on Sunday afternoon but after that, no any flights were able to operate. However, the airport completely stopped it operation from Monday (September 10, 2018) until yesterday.

Lukla Airport also known as Tenzing–Hillary Airport rated as the most extreme airport in the world has gained some considerable improvement in its infrastructure and facilities. But the airport gets frequently disturbed due to constantly changing weather phenomena.

Currently, the airport is facilitated with FLIGHT RADAR24 which was installed recently with the aim of making flight operation safe, reliable, routine, and pragmatic. Similarly, the authority is working on upgrading the equipment of an airport as Meteorological Information Display.

In the coming future, Lukla airport will be facilitated with the lighting system in the runway.

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