Luxurious Donald Trump’s jet: The iconic Boeing 757

Donald John Trump is not just a renowned US politician but a mega-wealthy businessman. The former US president has amassed significant wealth (estimated net worth $2.5 billion) through global commercial, resort, and residential real-estate businesses. It’s common for an ultra-rich like him to own a private jet. His real-state conglomerate, ‘ The Trump Organization’, maintains a fleet of luxurious private jets and Sikorsky S76 Helicopters.

Trump Jet
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The private aircraft allow Trump to whisk away to multiple locations in relative secrecy. They serve as an office building for Trump in the sky, an extension of his workspace in the air. The most beloved jet or the crown jewel in the Trump fleet is his prized Boeing 757-200, aka ‘Trump Force One.’ The luxuriously appointed Boeing 757 has a lavish cabin that promises an elevated jet experience. Let’s learn more about Trump’s jet and its extortionate features.

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A short history of Trump Jet

Manufactured in 1991, Trump’s Boeing 757 narrowbody is more than three decades old. The jumbo airliner moved on to a varied list of owners before it was purchased by Donald Trump in 2011.

Registered N757AF, the jumbo jet was originally ferried to Denmark-based LCC Sterling Airlines. Shortly afterward, the Boeing jet left Sterling Airlines for TAESA Lineas Aereas, a Mexico-based carrier, in 1993. A few years later, the narrowbody 757 became a corporate jet for Paul Allen’s enterprises.

In 2011, business tycoon Trump purchased the B757 jumbo liner from the Microsoft co-founder. The former Republican president reportedly paid $100 million for the new jet, which replaced Boeing 727. The bombastic billionaire entirely remodeled the aircraft to his liking and encircled it with gold and top-notch wood. He customized his $100 million material possession to his taste and added personal touches to make it extra special.

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The multi-million jet is wrapped in 24-carat gold and features a sumptuous upholstery that adorns Trump’s former Jet 727. It is twice the size of the 1969-built Boeing 727 and is more fuel efficient. Initially, the flashy tycoon planned to use B757 as a big campaign prop during his possible run for the 2012 presidency. Trump was Palm Beach’s most popular, almost presidential candidate, but later, he abandoned the Republic presidential nomination.

When Trump sought the 2016 presidential bid, he used Boeing 757-200 as a campaign plane to shuttle him to campaign stops around the country. The multi-billionaire and business tycoon took advantage of the speed, extra space, and comfort of the Boeing 757 while jetting across the US ahead of the 2016 election. He flew the skies in his new Boeing 757 for his campaign rallies all over the US.

Luxury, comfort, and privacy

The custom-outfitted airplane brags wealth with 24-karat gold-plated accents, extensive entertainment, Italian leather seats, a spacious cabin, etc. The lavish and uber-luxe interior results from a Trump-style makeover and matches the high-profile status of a 68-year-old property tycoon.

Powered by two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines, the iconic custom-built Boeing 757 has a fuel range of 3,000 miles. With the ability to fly up to 8 hours uninterrupted, it can cross virtually every inch of the country.

Trump Boeing 757, Photo by Getty Image

The standard Boeing 757-200 passenger can accommodate as many as 239 passengers, but Trump’s plane is designed to seat 43 people. Trump’s B727 trijet could accommodate 24 passengers and featured gold-plated sinks, two conference tables, and a master bedroom.

Trump’s custom 757 sports a giant ‘T’ on the tail and a ‘TRUMP’ surname written in large, capital letters on the fuselage.

 The lavish interior of Trump Force One

Trump Force One, i.e., Boeing 757, guarantees a luxurious experience with gold-plated features onboard. Every fixture, including seatbelts and sink, is 24-carat gold-plated. The Italian leather seats are spacious, gold-plated, and convertible into beds. They have personal entertainment systems, headrests, and pillows etched with the Trump family crest. The Trump Jet cabin encompasses:

  • Two private guestrooms (with a separate entertainment system and two convertible couches)
  • Three bathrooms (There’s a master bathroom that boasts a 24-karat gold-plated tap. The en-suite bathroom has a green countertop with gold fixtures and a shower)
  • The main lounge (The main lounge hosts an extensive entertainment system featuring a 57-inch television that allows access to 1000+ movies. The sky theater replicates the Hollywood screening room and rivals the best private theater in the sky. The touchscreen system controls the theater, including access to Doland’s PUR. A distinctive ‘T’ list represents Trump’s favorite films and CDs.
  • Galley (consists of glassware, a sink, and coffee makers)
  • First-class cabin (Beyond the galley/ behind the dining area through the door)
  • Conference and meeting room (table with four chairs, allowing Trump to give interviews with journalists)

Present status of Trump Jet

When Donald Trump became the US Republican president, he paraded around the globe in Air Force One. Air Force One is a customized Boeing 747-200 series airliner equipped to transport the Commander-in-Chief anywhere in the world. So, the Boeing 757 Trump jet remained idle for four years during his time as president. (the officials of the Trump Organization utilized the 757 between 2017 and 2019).

The once omnipresent Boeing 757 was mechanically grounded at Stewart International Airport in New York from 2019 to 2021. Then, it was shifted from New Windsor, New York, to Louisiana on November 1, 2021, for refurbishment.

The beloved private plane received a new paint job and was finally back in mid-2022. The aircraft refurbishing company Landlocked Aviation did full ‘scuff, sand, and paint’ on Trump’s plane in 26 days with the help of 40 people.

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On top of fresh livery, the aircraft underwent general avionic tweaks and performed a series of test flights to ensure sky worthiness. The refurbished jet is set to assume its former life as a campaign plane during Trump’s run-up to the 2024 presidential election. Trump’s prized possession, Boeing 757, is an undeniable presence wherever it goes and seizes public imagination.

Cessna 750 Citation X

Besides Boeing 757, another iconic Trump jet is Cessna 750 Citation X. It is a super-midsized business jet that first flew in 1997 and is registered to the Trump Organization. Dubbed “the rocket in the sky,” Citation X reaches speeds up to Mach 0.92. The high-speed jet can fly at elevations as high as 51,000 feet and is ideal for jet-set personnel. It is 26 years old and reportedly has accumulated over 11,600 hours in the sky. The modest jet has tail number N725DT bearing Trump’s initials.

Cessna Citation X airliner features the Trump crest on the fuselage but lacks signature gold ‘TRUMP’ lettering. It initially served as the main jet of the former commander-in-chief at the time of the makeover of the specifically modified Boeing 757.

 Donald Trump rode Citation X while visiting Trump Tower in Manhattan in 2021.

As one of the world’s fastest jets, Cessna Citation X allows the former president to jet around the globe in hours. Powered by Rolls Royce AE3007C engines, it can fly as far as 3,460nm at a cruise speed of 528kn (978km/hr), allowing for entry into rural airports with short runways.

This Trump jet stands 5 feet 7 inches (170cm) tall and has space for nine passengers. Given its high-performing characteristics, the airliner is suitable for transcontinental flights. With this jet, Donald Trump can comfortably cross the Atlantic pond without sacrificing speed.

The private jet doesn’t have as lavish an interior as VIP 757 airliner, but it prominently features the signature Trump Crest on the exterior. The 26-year-old aircraft is modest in characteristics and doesn’t have private cabins, private showers, living room-style sofas, etc.

The private jet is up for sale with Air Trump back in the skies. The Jet Edge Partners, the full-service aircraft broker, and dealer, is leading the sales of Cessna Citation X.

Trump Aviation fleet

Besides multi-million Boeing 757 and Cessna Citation X Jet, Trump Aviation’s fleet also consists of Sikorsky S76 Helicopters. The medium-sized personal helicopter symbolizes VIP rotorcraft adored by elites and celebrities alike.

 Each helicopter has a first-rate comfortable interior and the TRUMP aviation logo on the outside. These versatile machines ferry Trump Organization’s executives, members, and VIP guests aboard the executive passenger compartment in utmost comfort. Opulent features include gold fittings on the seat and door panels, ecru/almond leather seats, African mahogany veneer, ultra-suede, etc.

Performance-wise, the Sikorsky S76 helicopter is ideal for short-haul travel, with a fuel range of approximately 260 nautical miles. A typical S76 commercial utility helicopter is fitted with two P &W PT6B-36A/b engines and can attain a maximum speed of 155kn. The Sikorsky S-76 helicopter is a well-acclaimed product of Connecticut-based Sikorsky Aircraft Company specifically developed for the civilian market.

About Donald Trump

Donald John Trump is a 77-year-old American politician who served as the 45th president of the US between 2017 and 2021. Furthermore, he is a billionaire and the sole owner of the private conglomerate ‘The Trump Organization.’ He leads a luxurious jet-setting lifestyle and owns Boeing 757 and S-76 helicopter fleet.

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