MA-60 and Harbin Y12e to arrive within this week
Photo: Xian MA-60 Nepal Airlines ‘9N-AKQ’ at Hangar TIA, Nepal

MA-60 and Harbin Y12e to arrive within this week

January 23, 2017- Kathmandu

The MA-60 and Harbin Y12e earlier bought from China will be arriving within this week. Nepal Airlines has sent its technical team consisting of Operations Department Director Capt. R.K. Serchan and Engineering Department Director Mr. Poshak Gyawali as the team’s head to bring in 56 seated MA-60 and 18 seated Harbin Y12e.

The two gifted aircraft are in operations while the team will fetch the remaining aircraft. The MA-60 will arrive on Thursday while the Harbin Y12e will arrive on Saturday. The airline has scheduled the arrival of both the aircraft with a gap of two days. The remaining aircraft which include three Y12e will be brought in the span of six months within the schedule.

The Ma-60 will be brought by Capt. Gopal Singh Bista and co-pilot P.S. Junga Bahadur Rana flying the aircraft while the captain forY12e is being searched and will be assigned. The Chinese pilots will fly the aircraft from Shiyan to Kunming and after that, the aircraft will be handed over to Nepalese pilots who will fly through Bangladesh to Nepal. The MA-60 will arrive in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Wednesday and the aircraft will be brought on Thursday.

All other mandatory works have been completed and only the permission for landing at the Kathmandu Airport is remaining as per the CAAN oficials. A team from CAAN will be inspecting the aircraft too.

The Chinese aircraft have not been beneficial to Nepal Airlines pertaining to domestic market and has been compensating the loss through the profit obtained from international flights. The airlines suffered a loss of 32 crores and 90 lakhs rupees in the fiscal year 2072/73 in domestic market.

The Chinese aircraft are grounded constantly due to technical glitch more than they are flying for serving passengers.

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