Maintenance of NAC’s grounded Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’ expected to complete by today

Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’ belonging to Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) will fly soon as the engineering team is preparing to release the aircraft as soon as possible. According to the official from NAC’s engineering department, the crack on engine mount has already been maintained and the further inspection with required maintenance will be carried out today.” The maintenance work if completed today will let the aircraft be released by tomorrow, he added.

Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’ has been grounded at Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) hangar for more than two weeks following a technical glitch in the engine. The engineering team from Singapore Technology (ST) Aerospace and Nepal Airlines is jointly working to repair the faulty aircraft.

The aircraft will depart Singapore soon (probably by this month) for C-Check. C-Check is the advanced maintenance check requiring a majority of the aircraft’s components to be inspected. It is performed approximately every 20-24 months or a specific amount of actual flight hours or as per the requirement details from the manufacturer. Due to the complexity of C-check, it is carried out in a hangar at a maintenance base having huge space.

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