Major enhancement projects for TIA under fiscal year 2074/75

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has planned major projects under new budget for Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), the only international airport of Nepal to enhance its air transport capacity. Being only international airport, TIA is facing problem to handle all international airlines as well as domestic airlines. Though CAAN has initiated new projects of constructing other international airports in the country, TIA will have to operate to its fullest but due to poor infrastructure and maintenance passengers and airlines have to suffer various consequences.

As per the new budget by CAAN for the Fiscal Year 2074-75, it has planned following programs for TIA.

  • Extension of Runway on 02 side
  • Expansion and Reconfiguration of International Terminal Building (ITB)
  • Vertical expansion of ITB
  • Sewage treatment system and utility works
  • Rehabilitation of Runway/Taxiway
  • Expansion of international Apron, Parallel taxiway and Associated works including Construction of Parallel Taxiway (02)
  • Land acquisition
  • Construction of new Heli apron
  • Construction of two bays
  • Construction of remote parking bays
  • Upgrade on communication, navigation, surveillance, electrical, mechanical and security equipment and system

The traffic congestion at TIA has reached to a maximum level. Airlines are having harsh time to conduct flights on time whereas the scarcity of parking apron has compelled the airport to handle maximum number of aircraft beyond its standard capacity.

These major programs by CAAN are hence, aimed to upgrade the service to the passenger and enhance the air transport capacity of TIA.

In addition to these programs, CAAN has also added National Priority Project which includes various programs like land acquisition, construction of various building etc. for other International airports like Gautam Buddha International Airport as well as Pokhara Regional International Airport.

Aerial View of Runway of TIA
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