Makalu Air Cessna Grand Caravan averts incident at Simikot airport


A single engine aircraft Cessna 208B Grand Caravan belonging to Makalu Air has averted a probable incident today at Simikot Airport, an airport serving Simikot in Humla district after the captain on the flight encountered leakage on aircraft’s hydraulic system while taxiing.

According to the acting chief for Simikot Airport Mr. Raju Mahato, the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan with registration ‘9N-AJG’ had a sustained leakage in its hydraulic system before takeoff.

The aircraft was preparing for its flight to Surkhet airport with 9 passengers on board at around 10 in the morning while it encountered technical glitch. The aircraft was then brought to the apron from runway by pushing the aircraft by the airport and airline staffs.
The engineering team will be dispatched shortly from Surkhet for the maintenance of the aircraft.  


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