Malaysian Airlines Flight was Deliberately Flown into the water says Expert

Malaysian Airlines Flight was Deliberately Flown into the water says Expert

Anurup Pathak

BBc – 1st August, 2016

The Aircraft Investigation Bureau, Kuala Lumpur Airport confirmed that the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 was deliberately flown into the sea. The Crash Investigator Mr. Larry Vance said at Australian news programme ‘60 min’ that erosion along the trailing edge of recovered wing part indicated a controlled landing of the aircraft.

A Boeing 777 routine flight en route Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 2014 disappeared on the way to Beijing carrying 239 passengers onboard with crew. On the day of its disappearance, 8th March 2014, flight MH-370 was tracked as normal until 1:22 am local time. The search operation was started with the investment of 135 Malaysian Dollar but the debris of the aircraft had not been noted for long because of which the disappearance of aircraft remained a mystery.

The air crash Expert Mr. Larry Vance had no faith on any other theory which could expound the fate of the cursed aircraft. The extensive search operation carried for Malaysian Airlines to the southern part of the Indian Ocean also brought no idea about the debris of the missing aircraft until last year when a residence on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion found a wing fragment that was later confirmed from the missing aircraft of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370. After the later investigations, he reached in the conclusion that “this was a human engineered event, there’s no other explanation.”

As per the source, Australia has led a search team for the missing aircraft under the sea of area 120,000 kilometers with the help of modern underwater drone and also with the help of sonar equipment’s recently for the extensive research of the debris.

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