Oman Air Boeing 737 flies four days after being grounded

Oman Air Boeing 737 flies four days after being grounded

Kathmandu – 10 July, 2016

The grounded Boeing 737-81M of Oman Air, finally takes off from Tribhuvan International Airport after the accomplishment of engine replacement, four days after being grounded.

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The crippled aircraft was barred from flying after the detection of a technical glitch in its left engine on July 06 when the crew was preparing for takeoff. After undergoing through series of inspection carried out by its engineers, who flew to Kathmandu from Oman, it was concluded that the whole engine of the aircraft needed to be replaced.

The spare engine was brought to the service facility 09 July yesterday after which the replacement procedure had begun. As soon as the replacement was done, the aircraft took off from Kathmandu carrying its damaged engine inside it last night. The repaired aircraft will soon resume its scheduled flight to Kathmandu according to the source.

The Oman Air Kathmandu-Muscat is conducting fourteen routine fights a week. According to the Kathmandu office of Oman air, the engine maintenance team elected by the Oman Air arrived and completed the maintenance of this aircraft. The flight was grounded at parking bay 8 of Tribhuvan International Airport and has now landed on Muscat for test flights.

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