Man was arrested for attempting to steal an airplane in Hawaii

In Hawaii, a man was arrested for attempting to steal an airplane. A 24-year-old man named Gabriel Arjona Molina tried to steal an air ambulance from the Hilo International Airport. The guy reached the airport after crashing a car through the fence.

Police said that Arjona-Molina parked his vehicle next to a fixed-wing single-engine aircraft used as an air ambulance. He then got out of his car and tried to spin the aircraft’s propellers manually. Following that, he approached a parked Beechcraft King Air C90A on the ramp, which he boarded through the pull-down latch. He then turned on the both engines.

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A witness approached a patrol officer and informed him of the incident. Arjona-Molina was arrested soon after that.

According to police, Arjona-Molina was arrested on accusations of attempted theft, criminal property damage, illegal control of a powered vehicle, and criminal mischief. Bail has been set at $37,000.

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