Manang Air acknowledges the acceptance of its newly manufactured H125 Helicopter


Manang Air operating under the Regulation of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal as a Commercial Helicopter Operator has successfully completed the acceptance of its new AS 350 B3e (H125) with MSN 8477 chopper on 13TH of February, 2018 at Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia.

According to the officials from Manang Air, the company has successfully completed the acceptance process of the factory made AS 350 B3e helicopter and is preparing to start the flight operation. The factory made helicopter was allocated with a temporary registration ‘F-WTCM’ at its Airbus hangar facility at Singapore and will acquire a new Registration ‘9N-AMV’ from CAAN to operate in Nepal.

The test flight of the helicopter has been successfully conducted on 13th of Feburary at Singapore in the presence of CAA Nepal’s representative. The company officials and technical team are now on the process of bringing the chopper to Nepal from Singapore in a ferry flight. The aircraft is expected to leave from Airbus Helicopter Southeast Asia, Singapore on 22nd of February and land Nepal via transiting in Surat Thani of Thailand, Yangon in Myanmar, and Dhaka in Bangladesh following Biratnagar in Eastern Nepal.

The Company aims to provide personalized services to its clients in all the avenues of its flying, be it: adventure flights, search and rescue, medical evacuation, heli trekking, human and cargo sling operations, corporate and government flight, aerial work, helicopter excursions, expedition work and other customized flights as per the requirement of the clients.

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